Hashemite University

The Hashemite University (HU) is a governmental university that was established by a Royal Decree in 1991. It is located 25 km northeast of Amman, near a major international highway, and next to the largest free-trade zone in the country In 1995, HU started with three academic colleges and 600 students. Over the last 26 years, HU has improved its academic profile and research facilities. It includes 15 faculties that offer 56 and 42 undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively, and comprise of 230 laboratories, all equipped with the latest technology. The University has expanded its infrastructure to match the expected increase in the students with a capacity to accommodate around 30,000 students with a total number of 95,000 graduates since establishment. The University has adopted the UN sustainable development goals through implementing renewable and sustainable energy. For instance, HU established the national seed bank project, the solar energy project, modern green building and the smart campus, and the desalination plant. HU Grid-Connected Project with 5 MWp is part of the University renewable energy and energy efficiency strategy. The project helps to achieve 100% energy independence for the University. As it provides more than 8 GWh of electricity annually, which helps in improving the environmental aspects in HU by eliminating more than 3,700 tons annually of CO2 from being released into the air. Which makes HU have a remarkable role and ethical commitment towards its community and stakeholders in environmental sustainability. The National Seed Bank (NSB) is a non-profit with 6 million $USD budget research center aiming to conserve the local natural plant heritage (more than 2600 wild species) in the form of seeds with a focus on genetic resources for food and agriculture, and to make it available to researchers and breeders locally, regionally, and globally. NSB is projected to help in improving food security through performing scientific research to develop plants that can adapt to climate change that is negatively affecting the already harsh environment. The brackish water desalination station, in which saline water is desalinated according to the most advanced technology (Advanced Membrane Technologies). It has a production rate of 83 cubic meters per hour, which is three times the consumption of the University. The station is one of the most distinguished stations locally and regionally to produce potable water and irrigation. It depends on solar energy that is produced by the University. The station includes a teaching and research hall, and electronic water quality monitoring systems. It is linked to evaporation ponds for the return of water from the station to conduct further scientific research on the salts in the ponds and establish a factory for water bottles and bottling bottles. Furthermore, in terms of the promising and prominent academic institution, HU is committed to actively participate in achieving the goals of the comprehensive national development. Through preparing a loyal generation who are not only technically competent in their professional fields, but who are also life-long learners with broad visions, loyal to their nation, devoted and responsible to the fundamental values of humanity. HU was granted several local and international recognition from different authorities such as; the Jordanian accreditation and quality assurance commission for higher education, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), American Medical Residency Certification Board (AMRCB), the Medical Board of California (MBC), The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), and The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). HU achieved multiple local and international awards including the Medal of Independence (First degree), Emirates Energy Award (Golden Prize), and Prince El Hassan Bin Talal Award for Scientific research.

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